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The Toothpaste For Dinner contest for 2006 is now open. Submit photos of people wearing Toothpaste For Dinner t-shirt(s), and win a ton of free stuff. All the details are below. Check it out.

ENTRY DEADLINE: June 30, 2006.

LAST YEAR'S CONTEST: (click here) I got over 300 entries, and awarded prizes to over 50 different people.


First place: $100 worth of Toothpaste For Dinner merchandise.

Second through fifth place: $50 worth of Toothpaste For Dinner merchandise.

Honorable mentions (50-60 honorable mentions will be awarded): One free Toothpaste For Dinner t-shirt in the size you specify in your entry.

ENTRY RULES (please read):

1. Your photo must contain a person WEARING a t-shirt. The T-shirt must be one that was purchased from (OLD SITE) or from 2000 to 2006.

2. Entries are to be in JPEG format, with a maximum size of 1024x768. The filename should be "yourfirstname-yourlastname-x.jpg", where x is the number 1, 2, or 3. As an example, if Ralph Nader sends in two entries to this contest, he would name his files ralph-nader-1.jpg and ralph-nader-2.jpg.

The odds of someone else having the same name as you are not really that large.

3. Compose an email that looks like this:

FROM: An email address that you check regularly
SUBJECT: Yourfirstname Yourlastname CONTEST ENTRY
TO: [email protected]

SIZE: (Men's/Women's) (Small/Medium/Large/XL)

Yourfirstname Yourlastname
Your complete address
City, State ZIP CODE

Witty comments go down here below your info.

4. Attach your entry photos (did you resize them and name them right?) to the email and send it in.

5. Your photo may be displayed on on one or more pages.


This is a photo contest, really. I mean, yes, you or someone you know has to wear a toothpaste for dinner shirt, but the prizes are awarded based on the photo you submit. I particularly enjoy pictures of people doing weird or interesting things. (click here for last year's contest results.)

This is an arbitrary contest. All decisions are made by me on a whim after I look at all the photos.


I think this stuff here is pretty clear. Just e-mail me photos. That is the basic function of the internet. If your grandma can e-mail photos, then you can.