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The 2005 shirt contest winners are below, starting with the grand prize. They were judged arbitrarily based on how much I liked the pictures. Click here to see all 300 or so entries.

GRAND PRIZE WINNER. this girl is playing the accordion to the goat, who is wearing my shirt and dancing. no other entries had a dancing goat. congratulations, you get a $100 gift certificate to the web store. also, you get the prize of having to wash that shirt. i bet you will have to wash it twice. goats smell so bad.

PRIZE WINNER #1. this is so great. the amount of thought and planning that went into this was awesome, and the result is perfect. you get a $75 gift certificate.

PRIZE WINNER #2. this dude sprayed over the underside of a bridge that had a lot of cuss words on it, and he put a coffee hamster on it. also, he is practicing safety, because he has a respirator on. $50 gift certificate.

PRIZE WINNER #3. this guy found mrs. star wars and took a picture of her. that is pretty awesome. he also sent a picture of himself inside a wooden shoe in amsterdam. $50 for you.

PRIZE WINNER #4. just try not to laugh at this. one of the few that made me crack up instantly. thanks dude. $50.

PRIZE WINNER #5. i know i said there would only be four prize winners, but i can give out more free stuff if i want, can't i? yes, i can. this picture is so dramatic, so maudlin, so morrissey. $50 for you.
honorable mentions start here. anyone below this line, on this page, with an honorable mention, gets one free shirt. tell me what size you wear and i'll pick one you don't have and send it.

oh, and before you count, there are 35 honorable mentions this year. you guys are seriously awesome. i had a hard time picking out the best, cause about 3/4 of all of the pictures were pretty sweet. i had to cut myself off when i ran out of room on the paper i was writing my favorites down on.

HONORABLE MENTION. the poetry. the horror!

HONORABLE MENTION. that looks so painful and difficult. unicycling must be a hobby you only pick if you are so good at everything else, you have to try to ride just one wheel around.

HONORABLE MENTION. yep, this is perspective, no photoshop involved. good job.

HONORABLE MENTION. either you went to the prom like that, or you look like that every day. either way, you should have a free t-shirt.

HONORABLE MENTION. my t-shirt brings all the girls to the yard.

HONORABLE MENTION. beard baby. the baby has a beard. the baby is stroking the beard. the baby knows its destiny.

HONORABLE MENTION. happy birthday!!! next year maybe your friends won't take you to bob evans :(

HONORABLE MENTION. man, i hope someone hit you, and that you weren't backing up at like 40mph.

HONORABLE MENTION. you sell t-shirts and you entered a contest on a site that sells t-shirts. you are in the t-shirt game so hard. HERE HAVE A FREE TSHIRT!!! HAHAHAHA

HONORABLE MENTION. those are lungs. real lungs.

HONORABLE MENTION. 11x17 paper, peacock quill, beret, everything is appropriate in this picture.

HONORABLE MENTION. look at these two pictures: (number 1) (number 2) SPOOKY!!! FREE T-SHIRT!!!! GIVE IT TO TANK TOP MAN BEFORE HE HAUNTS YOU FOREVER

HONORABLE MENTION. this girl was taking a picture with a cardboard cutout of john wayne. her dad and his friend wandered out to the yard, demanding for her to take their picture too and send it in. that is too funny.

HONORABLE MENTION. that is not my shirt. but i love bigfoot. and natalie loves bigfoot. so she will send you a shirt for free instead of me.

HONORABLE MENTION. these guys submitted a picture last year, and i LOST IT. i found it this year while i was going thru pictures. not only that, but the dude stuck around, and submitted it again. that is persistence. you get two shirts, one for each of you.

HONORABLE MENTION. no one else submitted a picture of a time machine. end of story.

HONORABLE MENTION. the class got this shirt for their chemistry teacher, who sets things on fire. that is an awesome teacher. check his lab coat. A+ A+ A+ WOULD BURN NATURAL GAS AGAIN

HONORABLE MENTION. i know this is a shirt contest. but you know what? this made me laugh so hard. i opened it three or four times, and every time, i cracked up. congratulations dude, you get a free t-shirt.

HONORABLE MENTION. a fire glove? smoking a pipe? glowsticks?? dude, i don't know. you get a free t-shirt for burning things.

HONORABLE MENTION. that dude just stole your prom date, so i think you should get a free t-shirt at the very least.

HONORABLE MENTION. this contest has been officially approved.

HONORABLE MENTION. you guys have so many shirts. how are you going to get one you don't already have?!

HONORABLE MENTION. for playing my CD in your comics store. hell yeah, dude.

HONORABLE MENTION. next year, get hulk to wear the shirt. we both know he'll just rip it off and roar, but it would be so great.


HONORABLE MENTION. levitating cat



HONORABLE MENTION. she drew a picture of you wearing the shirt, and put the picture and you wearing the shirt in the contest. i am envisioning two mirrors facing each other and making a portal to infinity.


HONORABLE MENTION. you are in the armed forces so hard. you can have a magnetic ribbon if you remind me when you write. you can put it on your tank. oh god, if you do, please send me a picture. i will ask in advance.

HONORABLE MENTION. these chips are so good.

HONORABLE MENTION. get down from there

HONORABLE MENTION. i don't know anything about scuba diving

HONORABLE MENTION. (russian accent) they call me.... doktor tee-shirt.
You just saw the highlights. Click here to see all 300 entries.

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