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the day i went to the fair:

i went to the fair with natalie the other day, it was pretty awesome.

what is cuter than baby chickens? i love chickens, they are so weird looking. here is a small movie i made of a chicken running back and forth.

this pig weighs 1400 pounds. it is nine feet long. it is the SPIRIT OF AMERICA. "eat as much as you can, so you can weigh the most". congratulations, hog, you win.

i have no words for this

the wright brothers (who were born in dayton ohio and operated a bicycle shop there)..... sculpted out of butter.

the sky glider was terrifying. we went on it and i constantly thought i was going to die. it stopped about 30 times during the ride. this man was unfazed. he is the king of the sky glider.

the state fair: the only place a grown man can lean back in a wagon and stare at stuff.

this dude made a dizzying array of facial expressions while he was airbrushing. this is just one of them.

the owners got mad when i took a picture of the sign. that did not stop me, ten feet away, from making a video of a sheep getting sheared.

this woman turned toward me just as i was taking a picture of something else, and my lightning-fast reflexes took a picture of her instead. it is not every day you are wandering around some place and run into SPONGEMOM SQUAREPANTS.

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