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Winners and honorable mentions were arbitrarily chosen by Drew and Natalie.


You don't win nothin' but we liked your picture.

Drew's comments are in blue.
Natalie's comments are in red.
Skinny chick double-fisting the ice cream cones... you may not have won a tshirt, but you won regardless.

In America, the ice cream cones would have weighed 2.3 pounds, and the bottom third of each would be full of hot fudge.
You made it! Your next challenge is to do it with your shoes on.

Watch out! Dude is exercisin'.
If you are looking for an octopus, they are to the left (over there in the water.)

(Picture of girl holding bong shaped like penis, click to view.) This chick seems fun. I bet we'd get along.

A weinerbong, a hoodie, some lipgloss... the simple pleasures of life.

The screen is made of ball hair.
Sure, a lot of people wear our t-shirts to college. But these guys wear them to go logrolling... on hay. Hayrolling.

Sadly, I used to hang out on hay as a pastime when I was in high school. Honorable mention for poignancy.
This dude is about to shoot some shit.

I heard there was a Yield sign just outside town that ain't been shot yet.
Aww, these guys. I like 'em. They seem fun. They should start a rock band.

We field-test all our shirts in Canada. It's cheaper. Well... it used to be cheaper. Now it's more expensive. And they don't send us actual test results anymore. All we get are these robot pictures.

I wish I was oppressed enough to have a stove with four working burners.
I would let this dude give me a tattoo. I bet it would be pretty sweet.

Ninjas got me fired from my job! Need money for internet t-shirts.
You should audition for America's Next Top Model. I bet you could make at least the final 4 or something.

Bonus points for good layering and crazy haircolor.

I am giving you an honorable mention for going out in the sun just to take this picture.
Maybe if you hadn't opened the umbrella in the house, you wouldn't have gotten all that bad luck, and you would have won. Also, I don't know French, but I am pretty sure your umbrella says something about shit.
If you're gonna go down the dirty route, you gotta totally soak yourself in blood, dude. Did you see the Terrordome video? Did you see Natalie vomit a pint of strawberry syrup into my beard, for the express purpose of entertaining you? A couple ounces just isn't going to win.

Lucky for you, that fine Married to the Sea shirt is machine washable, so you will be back to fresh in no time.
Why is everyone drinking nowadays? Wait... maybe it's an unstable economy coupled with a collapsing housing market and an intractable foreign war.

Man, she hates Fox News so much.
It took me a second to figure out where the shirt was in this picture. It is like the Where's Waldo of tshirt contest entries.

Go to Macalester College, where you will find a Natalie Dee shirt lodged in the pamphlet.
That's right, baby. Show them T.H.Os to the whole world.

I'm bout to get the tower started. WHO WANTS TO PARTY ON THE TOWER
I'm glad people are actually partying in the contest this year. Honorable mention for partying.

Get your elbow out of the contest entry, hoss.
I didn't notice this was a standee until maybe the third time I looked at it.

Honorable Mention for having at least 6 bottles of product in your shower. Wash up, WASH UUUUP!!!

Some would say "acting it out", but I would say "he drew a face on the soap."

Be careful!!
These kids have no idea how cool their teacher is.

That Adjective kid is keeping it metal down in front.
Yeah! Trespassing!
Am I supposed to know who that dude is? Who is that dude?
These guys enter my contest every year. Their first passion is traveling behind the Red Curtain. Their second passion is wearing the breathable fabric of 100%-cotton Gildan Heavyweight t-shirts.

Hey, guys!
What are you doing in our contest!
Y'all are up in the corn. Woo woooo!

This photo looks like some dude was gonna take a picture of some crons... and then just as the shutter clicked, this guy and his t-shirt appeared out of nowhere.
What is that? What is that smell?

It seems like this chick is thinking about something pretty cool and mellow.
Look at how much stuff I have

I'm havin' a party over how much of your stuff I have

Fall 2007- The trend for this season is tshirts, accessorized with additional tshirts. Also, malt liquor.
My dog won't let me sit or lay on the floor either.
Cool out, ladies. Why don't you scrape that stuff off your face and have a snack?
This chick is knitting up all kinds of stuff. Look at it all.
Hahahahaha! This dude is a genius!
Thank you for sending in a full picture of the Soccer Team (actual name) as I requested last year.

Where's MY soccer team, fuckers?!?
Hey! It's that genius with the dogs on his arms from two pictures ago, and apparently he is packin'! And you lost your pants! I don't blame you.
Shakes, when you ordered that t-shirt, I looked down at the shipping label, and I figured it was a fake name. I now understand that Shakes is quite possibly your god-given first name.

What is going on here, is he in Costco? Is he camping?

I mean, the hair gel makes me think he's in Costco, but the cracked open Keystone case in the back makes me think he's camping. Maybe Costco is a lot cooler than I remembered.
Nice Volvo goatee. What is the fishbowl.

I had a Volvo once, and some kind of animal tunneled the entire way through the back seat. Just a heads up, watch out for that.
Heeeeey, man!
Hey, you were in USA TODAY wearing one of our shirts! (The USA TODAY picture is on the left.)


ACTING IT OUT. I'm doing what's on my t-shirt!

I'M PARTYING. Good thing I have a "Booze Time" t-shirt.

You can't say our fans don't fucking party.


That dog in the second row, three over, looks just like Charles. I got a little confused
when I saw it, I thought someone was gonna get whooped for taking my dog.

LOOK AT ALL MY STUFF. There it is.

The funny thing is, the more of our t-shirts you arrange at once, the more it just looks like our office.

I am proud of how foxy our lady fans are... I don't think any other websites' fans are half
as foxy as ours. Young dude in this section, you are foxy, too, but I am gonna
hold off on saying anything until it is not illegal for me to do so.

SHAKESPEARE. I'm glad you guys like Shakespeare. I don't.

Reading is for dorks.

PANFLUTES. Here is a panflute. I am also wearing my Panflute Flowchart t-shirt.

Did you even read the shirt?!

TOOTHPASTE FOR DINNER LITERALLY. Come on guys, think outside the box.

I get about 30 of these every year.

Thus concludes the 2007 Contest. The quality of the pictures this year blows away years past. Thanks to the about-three-hundred entrants for sending in a good variety of pictures.